Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm gonna buy u a draank. Then ima gonna take u home wid me. What do you think about that?

That's a hip hop song by t pain. Awesome.

It was my Christmas party tonite. I've been drunk since eleven.

4. Days to Mexico. Fuck yeah.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And I dont like what you got me hanging from

My first thought when i saw this picture-- Why?!?

First thing first-- they are making this and I am literally jumping around like an uber nerd here in my office

Im also listening to Pretty Noose by Soundgarden...and it makes me think about smoking weed and eating doritos when i was in undergrad.

Im not letting my financial problems get me down. I mean, fuck, Im going to Mexico in less than a week...Ill actually be on a beach in 7 days time... things are good with everything. I should stop bitchin.

I would like some Doritos, though.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The post of the DEVIL

(So you know, this is my 666 posting. OOOH, scary)

So Im kinda bummed right now because i learned that even with the mortgage i could be approved for, Im still about 170 000 short to get the house i want. Soooo, Im either going to have to rob a bank...or do the Anna Nicole Smith method to financial sucess and find an old dude with lotsa money.

Is it too soon to joke about Anna Nicole? Fuck. I dont care. I do drink alot of SlimFast.... we have that in common.

Its only 8 days til i leave. I have so much to do before then, I want to flail my arms in the air and throw a hissy fit. However, this will not help me get this work, yeah.

I had a really laid back weekend. I watched a bunch of movies and cleaned my house. Oh, and dreamed about buying a certain house thats a few hundred thousand out of my price range. did i mention im bummed about this? oh. right.

I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. I watched it by myself because sometimes its not cool for other people to watch me geek out. I think part of my mystique is lost when im jumping on the couch and yelling "Kick his ASS, Hermoine!!!" or "You fucking rock, Ginny Weasley!" I guess anyone who already knows me would know this side of me anyways.

Let me just now throw out that im officially annoyed at Americas Next Top Model. I can pretty much guess in the first episode who they will pick. And its not editing or the way they film it-- its just whoever i think is the most annoying will be #4, and the girl who i would lease like to hang out with will win. They are either nauseatingly perky or boring as shit. Way to be Tyra.

I dont feel like uploading pictures. Sorry.

I changed my mind. Now this is fucking fierce, Tyra!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Frickin christmas

Stuck in court. Everyone bitchin about access. Fuck man.

I have a job interview next week with the government. No more whiny clients. No more begging for bill payment. Less chance of being reported. It sounds like a dream.

I'm also seeing that house tonight.

Stop whining lady. You will see the kids on xmas eve.

This blows.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thirteen days

My life is a constant countdown to leaving everthing behind. I am a walking advent calendar, but instead of chocolates there is SlimFast bars and pulse squats. I cannot fucking wait for the "holiday season" to end and the holiday to start. Why do people go crazy at christmas? Why? Is there a reason that normal people decide to all but crucify their ex at this time of year? Why would people who normally are so sane and congenial decide that they need to divorce their ex--right now-- and do everything to ruin their lives? Do you think your kids want to remember that every Christmas ended up in Court? uhg.

See? This is why i havent blogged. Do you really wanna hear this?

So Ive now successfully paid off the giant Visa of neverending debt-- it only took 2 years-- and have made progress on the Line of Credit of doom. So...what am i looking at doing? Buying a house. Yeah. And not just any house, a house that costs half a million dollars. ( FYI in Calgary a home that costs 450,000.00 is considered a "starter home". Fuckin shit man) How much do i love being in debt, anyway? It is a pretty cool house though, built in 1961 and completely reno'd with hardwood floors, a giant kitchen, and an yard for the dogs. Pretty sweet.

It may not happen, though, cuz the person i spoke to about mortgages asked me if i had a 25% downpayment. Uhhh... yeah, I have $120,000 just sitting around for a rainy day... I told them i might be able to get like 10,000.00 and they were all "Oh, can you borrow the rest". So...anyone want to lend me $90,000.00? I already asked Digit-- he said no.

Digit and Eva are good. She has now discovered the couch and believes that it is the best dog bed around. Great. As if Jer hogging the couch wasnt bad enough, now I have her to deal with too.

I am going to try and post every workday until i leave. And Im going to try to think of less bitchy things to blog about.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shit. How is it December 11 already?

I really suck.
I really do.

Ive actually been missing blogging. I useda do it when i first came in every morning to work. Now I actualy (gasp!) work when i come into work.

It does mean that I have a NYrs resolution this year-- blog more. And its something which is pretty plausible to do. I mean, I wont even have an exciting "year in review" post this year ferchrissakes-- I mean I barely blogged during the summer at all.

In case you wanted to know, its 14 days until i get to hit the beaches of Mexico. I am trying to live off of water and SlimFast until then so I dont get mistaken for Moby Dick. Yknow-- giant white whale.

Saturday was 'Over the Top Hip Hop night' and, as always, I wore hot pants and spent most of the night posing like i was a gangstar...or a crumper. Pure awesome.

I dont think Ive brought this up on my blog, but I have been thinking it for the last while... and I dont want it to sound racist and shit.... but Im sick of China. Like its on Top Model, Survivor, all these friggin media whore type shows etc. just because the Olympics are coming up. And seriously.... are we now just supposed to forget about all the Human Rights violations? What about Tibet? Fuck. Just paint over all that shit with pictures of happy dancers and grandmothers doing TaiChi. Fuck.

Yeah. Getting too heavy on here for the first post in a while. Here are some hip hop pics: